Book the Tea Trolley Laboratory!

What is The Tea Trolley Laboratory?


It’s a mobile creative laboratory contained within a tea trolley run by artists and tea ladies

Amanda Thesiger and Sara Wicks

Delivering creative workshops, the Tea Trolley Laboratory uses tea as a trigger for experimentation; boosting relationships with and between participants; encouraging socialisation and learning; bringing self esteem, fun and a surprising diversion to routine for all ages. Activities include storytelling, tea-making with herbs, map-making, printing, drawing, painting, tea-party games etc – we can also adapt the activities in response to participants’ personal histories, experience and ability. Family groups get involved with our teatime activities; making prints from tea-bags, telling stories with tea-leaves and, of course, eating cakes!

We work with groups of all ages and settings, so please get in touch if you would like to develop an idea or discuss a visit by the Tea Trolley Laboratory to your venue. Our rates start at £125 for a half day session, inclusive of materials, but we can tailor workshops to suit your requirements.

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