The Tea Trolley Laboratory is a mobile creative laboratory contained within a tea trolley run by artists and tea ladies Amanda Thesiger and Sara Wicks. 


It uses tea as a trigger for experimentation by forging relationships with and between participants, encouraging socialisation, learning, self esteem, fun, and a diversion to routine: ultimately building a high quality creative stimulus and a new impetus for participants. Activities include story-telling, map-making, drawing, painting, games – also using tea and teabags to print with, as well as playing with the imaginative potential of tea-leaf reading.

The TTL has a playful, gentle approach to creativity and working with small groups of individuals at their own pace. We always work in response to participants’ personal histories and experience, in a way that unlocks or triggers memories, experiences, and conversation, giving individuals space to reflect and contribute with words or by undertaking activity. Gently engaging people to try a simple creative process without judgement or analysis, the TTL has designed projects and workshops to work within a variety of different settings, from schools to theatres to care homes and homeless shelters. Our range of activities and our collaborative approach has been honed by working with a wide range of people whose input has helped enormously to shape our project.

For further information please e-mail or see How to Book

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